Fall Winter 2017 collection

Creativity for ‘Belle Vie’ is never showy. Workmanship, colours, materials, and accessories give life to an elegantly sporty style.

The thick soles are well proportioned and graceful. The almost invisible wedge does not add weight to the side view of the shoe.

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Via Carbonesi a

Via Carbonesi b

Via Carbonesi c

Via Cavaliera a

Via Cavaliera b

Via Marsala

Via Neve a

Via Neve b

Via Neve c

Via Neve d

Via Paglia

Via Rialto a

Via Rialto b

Via Albiroli a

Via Albiroli b

Via Albiroli c

Via Albiroli d

Via Alemagna a

Via Alemagna b

Via Altaseta a

Via Altaseta b

Via Altaseta c

Via Carega a

Via Carega b

Via Carega c

Via Galilera a

Via Galilera b

Via Galilera c

Via Moline a

Via Moline b

Via Moline c

Via Pelliccerie a

Via Pelliccerie b

Via Pelliccerie c

Via Pelliccerie d

Via Zamboni a

Via Zamboni b

Via Zamboni c

Via del Corso

Via San Jacopo

Three commercially successful styles, whose look have been enhanced by adding something new, have been included in the ongoing collection.

They are: Via San Gallo, Via Guelfa and Via Roma.

Via San Gallo a

Via San Gallo b

Via San Gallo c

Via San Gallo d

Via San Gallo e

Via Guelfa a

Via Guelfa b

Via Guelfa c

Via Guelfa d

Via Guelfa e

Via Guelfa f

Via Guelfa g

Via Roma a

Via Roma b

Via Roma c

Via Roma d

Via Roma e