Spring Summer 2018 collection

Every style is designed, developed and produced in Italy at the Belle Vie plant in Montopoli Val d’Arno in Tuscany in the leatherworks district. The names of the shoes, from the very beginning, have characterized the brand. From Santa Margherita Ligure we have chosen the streets.

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Two commercially successful styles, whose look have been enhanced by adding something new, have been included in the ongoing collection.

They are Via Belfiore and Via Bernardini.

Via Belfiore a

Via Belfiore b

Via Bernardini a

Via Bernardini b

Via Bernardini c

Via Boninsegni

Via Giovo

Via Goito

Via Levante

Via Loggetta a

Via Loggetta b

Via Loggetta c

Via Nuova

Via Pagana a

Via Pagana b

Via Palestro

Via Piccola

Via Ponente

Via Valletti a

Via Valletti b

Via Vittoria

Via Minerva a

Via Minerva b

Via Buia

Via Bravi

Via Faiti

Via Camilla a

Via Camilla b

Via Corsica a

Via Corsica b

Via Corsica c

Via 5 Terre a

Via 5 Terre b

Via 5 Terre c

Via 5 Terre d

Via Bellavista a

Via Bellavista b

Via Beverini a

Via Beverini b

Via Beverini c

Via Boutique a

Via Boutique b

Via Bravi a

Via Bravi b

Via Bravi c

Via Caminelli a

Via Caminelli b

Via Caminelli c

Via Capraia a

Via Capraia b

Via Capraia c

Via Cave a

Via Cave b

Via Concia a

Via Concia b

Via Concia c

Via Concia d

Via Faiti a

Via Faiti b

Via Faiti c

Via Faiti d

Via Faiti e

Via Giannetti a

Via Giannetti b

Via Giannetti c

Via Grande a

Via Grande b

Via Grande c

Via Laretta a

Via Laretta b

Via Laretta c

Via Liguria a

Via Liguria b

Via Sapri a

Via Sapri b

Via Sapri c

Via Sapri d